Free Wifi Hotspots at NAIA Terminal 2

Free Wifi Hotspots at NAIA Terminal 2

Wifi is considered a necessity these days, some going so far as arguing it’s a basic human right. (That would make it equal to other essential human requirements such as food and shelter.)

Getting a free wireless connection is pretty ubiquitous abroad (public parks in Switzerland have free wifi) but it’s still rare in Philippine public spaces.

I was pleasantly surprised then that free wifi does exist at Manila’s airport (well, NAIA Terminal 2 at least) and even more shocking, it works pretty well.

Here are the hotspots:

  1. Globe Wifi

Speedy and doesn’t make the user jump through any hoops: Select the hot spot, agree to the terms and conditions and that’s it, you have internet. Globe doesn’t make you give up your email address which is an annoying standard in other airport wifi hotspots I’ve tried abroad.

Moreover the Globe Wifi was actually fast for basic purposes, easily allowing me to check my email. (Admittedly I did use it at around 6am so the early hour might have something to do with the fast speed.) I didn’t stress test the connection by trying to watch videos or downloading because it’s a public hotspot and you’re sharing the connection with lots of other people.

Logged on to Globe's hotspot
Logged on to Globe’s hotspot

For public resources don’t be a jerk: use only what you need. If you need more convincing that public spaces are valuable and that we all have a responsibility in their use, check out the Tragedy of the Commons.

  1. PAL (Philippine Airlines) Wifi

Technically this isn’t free as you need to sign in using your flight number but if you’re inside the terminal you’re most likely catching a flight, right.

I couldn’t get it to work which might make me an idiot. The instructions seemed simple enough, just input your flight number as the user name and password.

PAL WIFI Mobile Access
Trying to log on to PAL Naia Wifi using my mobile

First I tried to log in using my mobile. I couldn’t get to a log in page.

Next I tried  logging in using my laptop. It still wouldn’t work. PAL could have put more thought into the design of their log in page and actually placed the log in instructions there instead of more useless legal gobbledygook which no one reads anyway.

So I can’t comment on the PAL Wifi since I wasn’t able to use it. Logging in could definitely be made easier.

PAL Log In Error
PAL Log In Error

Ok, so NAIA Terminal 2 has exactly one worthwhile connection. Still, that’s one more than what I was expecting.

Instructions for PAL Naia Wifi Login - Good luck logging in!
Instructions for PAL Naia Wifi Login – Good luck logging in!

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