Submit your Contribution List (R3) to SSS Online

Submit your Contribution List (R3) to SSS Online

The SSS has recently revamped its website and services you can do online. Before an employer had to pay the required SSS contributions at a bank, get a receipt then manually create the contribution list (by inputting it via a computer program and then saving a file on a usb) and then bringing the receipt and the saved file to SSS for them to upload it into their records.

Now with the revamped SSS site you can now file the contribution list (R3) online. How to do so, after the jump.

1. You need to enroll for an SSS Employer’s account.

2. Log on to your SSS Employer’s account.

3. Click on E-Services.


4. Select Create Collection List Online.

5. Input the details of the receipt. Click on Add Employee and then fill in the employee information.


6. Check the “certify information is correct” box and then click submit.

7. And you’re done! You’ll get a page confirming the submission and SSS will email confirmation as well to your designated email address.

This online submission is a lot more convenient than the old way. It’s not perfect though. SSS takes forever to credit your bank payments. For example I paid on September 9 and tried to submit the collection list 2 weeks later on September 23.

My submission failed though as SSS hadn’t credited the payment yet!

So there’s definitely still room for improvement here.


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