Hydroponics Supplier in the Philippines

Hydroponics Supplier in the Philippines

I’ve been looking to dabble in hydroponics. This is a method of growing plants mostly in water (hence “hydro”). As there is no, or very little, soil, you must introduce nutrients into the water for the plants to grow.

In theory hydroponics is a more efficient way of growing crops as it allows greater productivity per area than traditional farming methods.

Hydro Set up 1
The extended frame (for a roof) is something I added on later. The blue PVC tubes, also a DIY add on from,  are support for LED lights which I’ve positioned above the grow holes. I experimented with just exposing the plants (lettuce) to LEDs but was underwhelmed by the results. Hence I’m trying to grow more lettuce the old fashioned way, under the sun.

In the Philippines there is currently a manufacturer of hydroponic frames. They will construct a frame based on your specifications (number of holes, whether is the horizontal or vertical type, etc.) and you can pick it up from their store in Laguna or have it delivered to you.

I’ve ordered from this manufacturer, Hydroponics Garden Supply (HGS) and was generally happy with the service and quality of the product.

It’s a good starter product but as you use it some minor problems do crop up: You’ll have to fuss around a bit to get the pump to deliver water to the tray (I suspect the provided pump is under powered) and the feed tubes for the water are so thin they easily get clogged up.

Hydro Set up 2

Along with the frame, HGS also provided seeds, a seedling tray, quality soil and most importantly 1 bottle each of Snap A and Snap B.

The Snap products are a Philippine invention, they’re the nutrients you mix into the water to ensure that the plants have everything they need in order to grow.

Mix snap A and B in water and you’re ready to go.

HGS claimed that there would be an instructions manual as well (I’m not sure if this was a manual for using the hydroponic frame or growing plants with the frame) but I did not find any.

I managed to grow a crop of lettuce which my family ate before I could take any pictures. I’ve started on a second crop though, experimenting with some things which will hopefully boost the yield.

I’m actually looking forward now to making my own hydroponic frame, based on other designs I’ve found online and the experience I’ve gathered so far.

14 thoughts on “Hydroponics Supplier in the Philippines

  1. Hi,
    I am not really sure of my query about fodder system but please bear with me. I am not really familiar because this is new to me. Actually, I am planning to have a piggery business or any livestock. My queries are, Do you provide seminar about hydroponics fodder system and do you supply seeds?

    1. Hi Leo,

      I don’t sell any hydroponic equipment, I just wrote about Hydroponics Garden Supply (HGS) as I tried out one of their setups 🙂

      Perhaps you could contact HGS (link in my post), they would be better able to answer your questions.

      Good luck in the business!

  2. hello there,

    I am looking to setup a hydroponics system here in Manila and was wondering whether we can have an informal chat about your findings and experiences with this. My email is below. 🙂

      1. Hmmm My email to you bounced. Anyway, here was my reply:

        On the hydroponics, I don’t claim to be an expert, I just tried out the system I described in the blog post.

        Overall I was a bit disappointed with it as the pump was a bit underpowered and the water feeder lines would occasionally get fouled up. Some instructions from the manufacturer (how to properly pot the seeds, how many inches of water should the pots be in, etc.) would have been a big help.

        Their pictures on their Facebook page are impressive though so I guess you can get good yields from this frame if you know what you’re doing/experiment a bit.

        I have a friend who got impressive yields with a DIY setup which involved foam crates (the kind which they store fruit out of). So you don’t really need to buy any sort of frame if you want to to get started in hydroponics.

  3. Hi,

    I started playing around with hydroponics and also bought some supplies at HGS.
    Would you know if the SNAP mixture is enough for the plants growth or fertilizers are needed?
    Do you happen to also know of other suppliers, as HGS is a bit far from my place.

    Appreciate the help.



    1. I was able to grow lettuce to edible size with just SNAP so no fertilizer is required. Perhaps they would grow even faster with additional fertilizer, something to experiment with in future growth cycles 🙂

      Unfortunately I am also looking for a supplier of SNAP in Metro Manila. You can find several on Sulit/OLX but all of the ones I’ve contacted never got back to me. If you find someone who is in, or delivers to, Metro Manila, please share!

    1. You can get it at Hydroponic Garden Supply in baranggay Sala, Cabuyao, Laguna. Separate sachet packs for leafy veggie like lettuce/pechay and for fruiting plants like tomato/bell pepper are available. One sachet is good for mixing with 5 gallons water and each sachet cost P14 (leafy) and P18 (fruiting).

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