LTO Ayala Station Driver’s License Renewal (DLR) is Open

LTO Ayala Station Driver’s License Renewal (DLR) is Open

I heard some reports last year (2015) that the LTO Ayala Station office where you could renew your license was closed.

However, I went there last May 3, 2016 and was happy to find it open.


You actually don’t even need to start at the LTO office anymore, there are no more forms to fill out for a license renewal. First you go to the medical exam in the office beside LTO, they’ll check your vision and weight.

The medical guys will give you a form which you take back to LTO and hand over your old license. You’ll wait, you’ll get called to have your picture taken and your signature recorded. You’ll wait again. You’ll get called, you pay and that’s it.

Unfortunately they ran out of the plastic mold for licenses, what else is new. LTO Ayala Station though does have you leave your mobile number and they’ll promise to contact you once your plastic license is ready. I’m skeptical they will but let’s see.


The whole renewal process took me less than an hour, it’s much faster now without the drug test which was required before.

So, it’s confirmed, LTO Ayala Station is open!

25 thoughts on “LTO Ayala Station Driver’s License Renewal (DLR) is Open

  1. Hi, may I know if they’re still open as of today October 28, 2016? I want to get my licensed renewed. Also, are they open on Saturdays? Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon! God bless.

    1. Hi Benjamin,

      Sorry, I don’t know for sure if DLR in Ayala Station is open.

      However I have not heard that they are closed nor have I heard anything that would lead me to believe they are closed.

      So in all likelihood they are open 🙂

        1. Good to hear, thanks for confirming it’s still open!

          Were you able to get a plastic license? When I renewed mine they had run out of plastic so they only issued a temporary paper license (which is what I am still using now).

          1. Unfortunately, plastic cards are still out of stock. They told me around 2nd quarter of 2017 it should be available. I would be checking with them once in a while and I’ll let you know once plastic cards are available.

          2. Do note also that the validity of the licenses are now 5 years instead of 3 years like what it used to be. There’s a slight change in the pricing but it shouldn’t be noticeable due to the fact that it’s valid for 5 years. I paid 585Pesos for the License fee and 67.63Pesos for the Computer fee. There’s also an additional 250Pesos for the medical examination. So the total is about 900Pesos more or less.

          3. Thanks bro, good to know!

            Frustrating to hear though that there is still a shortage of plastic licenses >:o

    1. Sorry, I’m not sure if they’re open on Saturdays. If you go on that date please do come back here and let us know!

    1. Coming from the Mrt, once you exit the turnstiles immediately turn left. Go straight, towards the end of the hall (towards the window facing edsa), the lto office will be on your left.

  2. good evening mam/sir may tanong po ako kung puede po mgpa change address sa license jan po sa Lto ayala mrt

    1. Hi, yes pwede po. Kasi nagrenew po ako sa kanila last year eh ang totoo po mali ung address na nilagay saken before from LTO pasay so pinabago ko. May additional cost po pero hindi ko maalala kung 100-100+. Basta hindi naman kabigatan.

  3. Sir,
    Good day,
    Nag try po ako na mag-follow up on the status ng licence card kung available na po for pick up thru your email address posted on your LTO ayala MRT office pero walang reply. Nag bago na po ba email add?

    1. Sorry, I don’t work for the LTO so I can’t answer your question. I’m just a guy who went to LTO Ayala Station, got his license renewed and posted about it to help others :p

    1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

      I don’t work for the LTO so I can’t answer your question. I’m just a guy who went to LTO Ayala Station, got his license renewed and posted about it to help others :p

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