Marriage License Requirements – Makati

Marriage License Requirements – Makati

So I’m about to get hitched next month and there’s actually a lot of paper work involved in getting married.

Here are the requirements for getting a marriage license in Makati (assuming both of you are Filipinos and past 21).

Documents per person (Bring originals and make 1 copy of everything, you will be submitting both the originals and the copies):

1. Certified Copy of Birth Certificate (from NSO)

2. Residence Certificates (this is from the respective barangay of the bride and groom)

3. Pre-marriage counseling/Seminar completion certificates for both marriage and reproductive health – Usually the respective cities offer their own seminars. However you can take the seminar at CEFAM in Ateneo, this is a 2 day seminar which covers both the marriage and family planning aspects, 2 certificates are issued. Makati accepts the CEFAM certificates. I had heard some horror stories about CEFAM certificates not being recognized but it wasn’t a problem at all in Makati. CEFAM usually has a seminar once a month.

4. CENOMAR issued for purposes of marriage which should be issued only 3 months before wedding date (again from NSO)

5. IDs – Makati is not too strict on the IDs. I submitted my passport and IBP card. Both have my picture and signature but neither of those has my current address. Long story short, Makati isn’t too strict about verifying the address indicated in the barangay residence certificate.

6. Community Tax Certificate (Cedula) – For residents of Makati.


1. Go to the third floor and look for the Civil registrar.

2. Go to Window 6.

3. Wait until someone notices you.

4. Submit all of the documents above.

5. Fill up, in triplicate, the application form where you have to list down basic details (name of parents, address, etc.). Forms must be completed in person in your own handwriting.

6. Submit form.

7. Go to Window B and pay PHP200.

8. Return to Window 6, where your receipt is stamped and you are told when to go back to get your marriage license.

I applied for the marriage license on Aug 10 and I will be getting it Aug 22.

The process was quite fast and efficient.I was dreading getting a marriage license as it meant dealing with more of the infamous Philippine bureaucracy but props to Makati City Hall on adopting a straight forward procedure.



10 thoughts on “Marriage License Requirements – Makati

  1. Hi

    Good day! Thanks a lot for this informative guide.

    Did you apply just by yourself without your future husband at that time? Or both of you were present at the time of application?

    Would really appreciate your response. And congratulations on your marriage by the way!

    God bless

  2. Do you also reside in the Ph? Me and my fiance were both US Citizen, I am just wondering i there’s additional requirements that we will need in order to obtain all the requirementds for the marriage liscence.

    1. Yup, I reside in the PH but I’m also a Philippine citizen so I’m afraid I wouldn’t know about additional requirements for foreigners 🙂

    1. Sorry I can’t remember how much it was :l

      From what I recall less than a thousand. Please do come back and post the amount if you do get around to getting your marriage license 🙂

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