Headout App – Scam or Legit

Headout App – Scam or Legit

We were in NYC for a couple of days and I thought it would be nice to see a show. My wife and I are last minute kind of people so we only decided to buy the tickets a couple of hours before the show started. headout

I’m not in NYC often enough to have a preferred ticket dealer so I just googled where to buy last minute Broadway tickets. After browsing through a couple of sites I settled on Headout, an app which was selling tickets at a lower rate than the other sites I saw.

At this point you have to wonder if the app is a scam. The prices were cheaper; it seemed too good to be true.

Still, nothing ventured nothing gained so I paid online with my credit card and hoped for the best. The confirmation email said that I would receive instructions on how to pick up my tickets in 20 minutes.

20 minutes rolled by and I still had not heard from Headout.

40 minutes later I tried contacting their customer service through a phone call and live chat. No joy from both channels.

At this point I had to admit it wasn’t looking good. I was resigned to join the ranks of dumb tourists fleeced by New York City.

But lo and behold about an hour later Headout emailed with the confirmation I was to show the theater to get my tickets.

We picked up our tickets without incident and really enjoyed the show.

An hour’s wait isn’t long actually, it was just unnerving since it was the first time I had used Headout.

I would use the app again and would recommend it to others.

TL/DR: Headout is Legit. Use and enjoy.

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