Best way to get service from Skycable

Best way to get service from Skycable

Yesterday (Sunday) my cable connection went dead. I also did not have any internet as Skycable is both my cable TV and internet provider.

I first tried calling their hotline (381-0000) so I could talk to someone on the phone. Fifteen minutes later and 3 rounds of “all our agents are occupied at the moment” I gave up trying to get a real person on the phone. After all it was Sunday afternoon, the worse possible time to try to get service from a provider.

In desperation I texted Report (My Subscriber account number) to 23662. This was a hail mary play though, I didn’t expect anything to come of it and that I would have to call the hotline again the next day, Monday. To top it all off, the only response from Skycable was an automated text telling me to visit their website for common trouble shooting tips. (This text was particularly aggravating since my internet was down as well. It’s like asking a drowning man why doesn’t he swim.)

The cable went out around 4pm. I texted the hotline around 5:30pm. Amazingly at around 8pm someone from Skycable called to inform me that they had had a service interruption in the area but it was fixed now so my cable and my internet should be working. The customer service rep patiently waited while I checked both and that was that.

So, texting Skycable to get service works! (Even on a Sunday.)

To recap, if you are having technical difficulty with Skycable:

  1. Find out your account number (let’s say it’s 12345)
  2. Text Report 12345 to 23662
  3. That’s it!
  4. Hope they contact you in a couple of hours


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