Civilization 6 Infrequently Asked Questions

Civilization 6 Infrequently Asked Questions

Civilization 6 came out a couple of months ago and since then I’ve been in many a “one more turn” coma, plugging away at the game into the wee hours of the morning. I’ve played every version of Civ and Civ 6 is a good blend of new ideas and comfortingly familiar gameplay.

As it is a Civilization game though there are always some oddities of the rules that you wonder about. I’ll list some infrequently asked questions and add some more as I encounter them in game. I play the game on Emperor and have noticed you really make use of the ins and outs of the game mechanics more on the higher difficulty levels.

1. Is the attack range of a city affected by hills? – Yes, it is. Note in the screenshot how Liverpool  can only hit the musketman unit beside it and not the musketman two hexes away (beyond the hills with marble in them) on the right. (That darn musketman has also just pillaged one of my improvements.)



2. What happens when an enemy unit is occupying one of your airfields? You can’t build any aircraft in that airfield.





3. If you have the Venetian Arsenal and you build a fleet, do you get 2 fleets?Yup, you get 2 fleets. (Sweet.)




4. If an embarked land unit occupies the same sea hex as a naval unit and is then attacked by an adjacent land unit will the sea unit “cover” the land unit? – No the sea unit is useless in this case. The land unit will absorb all of the damage from the attack. This is a bit counter intuitive as in previous civ games you wanted your sea units to be in the same tile as your embarked (or transported, depending on which version of Civ you’re playing) land units so that the sea unit would take the damage. This leads us to the next question/weird Civ 6 rule.

5. Can land units attack adjacent embarked land units? – Yes. Weird, but yes.

6. Do embarked units count as land units or naval units? (This is important for attack/defense bonuses) – Embarked units count as land units.

7. Does the SAM unit have any kind of melee defense? – None. If it gets attacked by anything land based it will lose without dealing any damage. It’s like a settler or builder except the enemy doesn’t capture it.

8. Can bombard units plunder trade routes? – Yes.

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