Make Money on Steam Update 14: Buying Strategies During Steam Sales

Make Money on Steam Update 14: Buying Strategies During Steam Sales

Since I’ve posted already that, as a hobby, I buy and sell Steam trading cards, I steam-logothought it would be fun to post every now and again on how the markets (ie. prices of the cards) are faring.

Steam Sales are a magical time when there are a lot of options both to buy low and sell high.

During the sales period there’s so much activity going on in the markets that prices can vary quite a lot, all within a couple of hours. During the recently concluded sale I tried the following strategies:


  1. Place a lot of low buy orders for various cards. Normally expensive cards suddenly become quite affordable during Steam sales – if you can catch these low prices by placing low bids ahead of time.
  2. Buy in bulk. This goes for both your submitted bids (when you put in an order to buy at a price lower than the current market rate) and instant buys (buying a card at the current market rate). Usually if you know your markets well you can find really good deals which you will capitalize on when the prices go back up.
  3. Loosen up an experiment with stuff you wouldn’t normally look at, eg. foil cards, icons, backgrounds.


  1. Resist the temptation to sell too low. Prices are quite volatile during Steam Sales, you can probably sell for a little bit higher than what you’re used to.

Have fun:

  1. I’ll admit I splurged and bought cards (at still great prices) to upgrade my Steam level. The higher your Steam level the higher your chance of landing rare (ie. foil) cards in the booster packs that you buy. I also keep track of booster prices, sometimes it’s worth it to buy a booster pack if its price is equal to or slightly higher than what you could get for selling the 3 common cards you will most likely get from the booster pack.

Overall playing around with Steam cards has fed back into my gaming; I bought 3 indie games during the Steam sale, all with the proceeds made from trading/selling Steam cards.

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