Choosing a solar panel installer in the Philippines

Choosing a solar panel installer in the Philippines

I’ve always wanted solar panels on my roof but neither had the clearance (been living with other people) nor the money to install them where I lived. Recently though I’ve moved to my own place so clearance was no longer a problem. As for the cost I was able to strike a business deal which covered most of the cost of the panels (more on that later).

There are a ton of solar panel installers in the Philippines. Before I tell you who I finally chose I’ll just give an overview of how it was to deal with them and how much they quoted for a 3kw system. (Note this was in 2016, prices may have changed by the time you read this.)

Solaric – No one responded to my inquiries so I had no quote from them.
Solar Philippines – Also no response.
Matec Solar Power – Around PHP360,000 for a 3kw system. This is all in, the price includes the panels, the inverter and installation.
Sol Energy Systems – The person spoke to couldn’t give me a quote and asked me to call back :l
United Solar – Initially the price was PHP300,000 but they were nice enough to reduce it to PHP285,000.
Miester Solar – Also no response.

So while there a lot of solar installers in the Philippines (and I’m sure there are many more that I did not contact), a lot of them could invest more in better sales staff.

I eventually chose United Solar and I am quite happy with them. One of the main reasons for my choice was because my primary contact there, Monica, was helpful and very conscientious about following up with me. The follow ups weren’t pushy but they were quite regular, around every 3 weeks or so. Even after I decided not to get solar (eventually I changed my mind) she would still touch base every now and then. It wasn’t a hard sell though, just an occasional reminder which I appreciated.

A large factor also was the cost, United Solar was the cheapest quote I got for a 3kw system. Usually you get what you pay for and I’m wary of the cheapest cost but since communication with United Solar was always very prompt, and they seemed to be on the ball, I decided to risk it.

The panels arrived around a month after I paid the 50% downpayment and installation took a day. The reason for the delay was the inverter was stuck in customs. The installation was very clean and the inverter fit nicely into the space we chose.

The installers and the head guy leading the installation, Bryan, were all nice and pleasant. Bryan in particular took the time to explain some of the numbers behind solar operation in the Philippines.

TL/DR: If you’re looking to buy solar panels in the Philippines, I fully recommend United Solar.


2 thoughts on “Choosing a solar panel installer in the Philippines

  1. It’s a great list of solar panel companies in the Philippines. Will the service includes accommodating appliances from overseas which has 120v?

    It would be convenient to be able to directly plug the appliances without worrying about the voltage capacity.

    1. The solar installer probably wouldn’t have that service.

      If you’re building a new house you could set it up that each wall outlet has both a 110v and a 220v socket (the house I used to live in was like this). This goes into the interior wiring of the house so the installer probably would not be able to modify this for you.

      A less expensive (but unsightly) solution would be to get a couple of AVRs (automatic voltage regulators). They’re basically small boxes which protect against power surges and also downstep voltage to 110v.

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