Review: Mober

Review: Mober

Mober is like Uber for delivery vans/trucks. Now you don’t need a delivery van every day but you’d be surprised how often this need does arise.

I tried Mober out a couple of months ago when I had to transport a heavy wooden dining set (table and 8 chairs) from Magallanes village (in Makati) to San Antonio village (also in Makati). As the dining set would not fit into any of the vehicles I had on hand, I had to look for alternative means of transport.

If you’ve used any ride hailing app (eg. Uber or Grab) then you are familiar with how to use Mober. When I used the app I was skeptical that there would be a delivery truck which would respond to my request at all. It turned out though that a truck responded quite quickly.

I would find out later that while independent trucks can sign up to offer their services through Mober (again, like Uber), a lot of Mober’s fleet is currently provided by the company itself. It’s as if Uber bought cars and paid people to drive them around.

This is good in the short term for Mober as curious customers (like me) are assured that there will be vans/trucks waiting to fulfill their order. Also having the trucks ply the roads is great for marketing, I discovered Mober after seeing one of their trucks along EDSA. In the long term though the company can’t rely on itself to keep buying trucks to meet the demand. It will need to sign up independent trucks/vans if it wants to grow.

Back to the transit of my dining set. I met the Mober van outside Magallanes without any problems and ushered them into the village. For the actual loading of the furniture the Mober guys were ready with ropes and assorted paraphernalia to keep the items secure inside the van. The Mober guys were young and a little inexperienced, they had to think for a bit on how to get everything inside the van. That wasn’t a big deal but I think an experienced crew would have fitted everything in quicker.

After a short drive we reached our destination, the furniture was unpacked and the Mober guys brought it inside the house.

Overall the experience went much smoother than I expected. Admittedly the cost was a bit pricey. It was around PHP3,100 for a journey of less than 9KM. You definitely do not want to use Mober for long distances (eg. Metro Manila to Laguna or Pampanga, or even Makati to Alabang for that matter).

But if your transit needs are of a short distance, and you don’t mind paying a premium, Mober isn’t a bad choice.

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