AutoConscience Update 2

AutoConscience Update 2

Since last week we’ve had several iterations of the alpha version of the app. All of the basic functionality is in place but there’s still a lot of polishing to do. A lot of the work has to do with stitching all of the different parts of the app so that they all interact well each other.

Conceptually it’s a simple app but once you get down to brass tacks (What does this button do? How does the user get to his profile?) everything becomes a lot harder as every little detail is a deliberate decision.

Aside from the development of the app we’re also devoting a lot of time to getting the website up and running. In the ideal scenario our users would find value in both the app and the site as the site presents a lot more information than the app can.

Most importantly the site highlights Community Goals. Whenever someone reports, regardless if it’s an anonymous reporter or registered user, points are added to the Community Score. Once a certain score is reached a Community Goal is achieved. A lot of the Goals will be freebies for our users, such as free gas for 10 registered users.

The Community Goals will be our way of thanking users and they add further incentive to keep reporting. I would also like to add Community Goals which address the impact of motor vehicles – such as planting trees or sponsoring tune ups for PUVs so they won’t smoke belch anymore.

All our design decisions boil down to making users feel that their reports make a positive difference to traffic and contribute to a better driving experience for everyone.

We are still on track to have the app available for download via the Google Play Store sometime in October. The site will also need to have basic functionality by then as the app and the site go hand and hand. Crossing my fingers we can pull this off!

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