AutoConscience Update 3

AutoConscience Update 3

The site is a lot prettier now. More importantly it better presents the narrative of why someone would use AutoConscience.

We’re trying to remove the anonymity of drivers. So when you a do good thing on the road you get thanked. If you do something bad someone will be there to see it and call you out on it.

There isn’t a lack of witnesses to bad driving. It’s just that the social scorn for doing something wrong on the road doesn’t get communicated to the driver so he (or she) continues the behavior.

Research backs up the notion that the anonymity of motoring encourages bad driving behavior. If you’re interested to learn more check out Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (by Tom Vanderbilt). The book is an interesting exploration of the causes, and some consequences, of traffic.

On the development front the team is working away at both the app and the site. By tomorrow the site should be functionally complete with a report screen, log in page and community goals.

For the app we are now focusing on the gamification aspect to further encourage users to keep reporting. We’re looking for beta testers so if you’re interested drop us a note in the comments or via this link.

We’re still on target to have the app on the Google app store within this month.

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