About Small Time

About Small Time

As I said in my introductory post, this blog is from the POV of a small business owner in the Philippines.

This blog is for normal folk who have to put with the daily crap of being told you can’t do this or fill up this form six times, turn around in a circle and bark like a dog (forgive the hyperbole) before you’re noticed.

Occasionally this blog will touch on Philippine law. I’m a licensed lawyer in the Philippines so I’m qualified to talk about this topic. That said, nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice applicable to your situation. I talk about the law in general or as applicable to specific contexts (usually the context of my business) . You should always consult a lawyer to see what is the applicable law in your context.

That’s my careful way of saying that if you do something based on what you read on this blog and you either incur damage or cause damage then you can’t blame me.

Occasionally I will share my experiences on services and other businesses. If you feel that my post on your service or business is unfair/inaccurate then you are very welcome to comment on the offending post with your email address, I will write you with my email address and then you can send me a piece discussing why you think my article is unfair/inaccurate. I may choose to repost your piece in part or in full so that readers get both sides of the story and can make up their minds for themselves.

That’s my careful way of saying that you can disagree with my opinions and I will even give you equal space to refute my opinions.

Occasionally I will post stuff completely unrelated to business, the law, money or other heavy topics.

That’s my way of saying I have a life outside of those spheres.

This about page was last updated on 7-8-15.

6 thoughts on “About Small Time

  1. Thought I should ask about Airbnb and taxes. Am a lawyer but can’t be bothered, honestly. I rent out a single small hut, I just enjoy having a very limited number of strangers at my rest place to meet who are interested in nature hence I put it on airbnb. I include airbnb income in my income taxes but do not disaggregate it from other income and now I have to fill up the Airbnb tax form. What do you do?

    1. Hi,

      Airbnb has never asked me to fill up a tax form. I assume I indicated when I signed up with the site that I am not a US citizen nor do I reside in the US. Usually that’s all most US based sites ask for and then they leave you alone after that. It’s been more than 5 years since I signed up with Airbnb though so perhaps they’ve changed their procedures since then.

  2. Hi, my name is Márcio and i am from Portugal.

    I have read all your post’s about guide “Make on steam”, i love it and i decided to try.

    I have some questions about the market analysis i would like to ask.

    1-I should always look for cards with a bigger price range between lower and high price, but should i look for games with a greater hype or all kind of games? Example: Skyrim and Zombie Zoeds. The second one is a game less known should i invest in this games cards?

    2- The amount of cards in the market matters? During my investigation i notice each card of skyrim has around 2000 cards in the market, is this good or bad?

    Keep the good work!

    1. Hi Márcio,

      Thanks for your comment! Good questions, I’ve often thought about some of these factors.

      1. More visible games are not necessarily good markets for buying and selling cards. In fact most of the games whose cards I deal with are niche games, they are not A list titles and some of them are quite old. I would suggest trying out some anime games, these are small titles but the value of the cards (and their price fluctuations) can be relatively lucrative.

      2. Volume of available cards is not necessarily good or bad. I use it as a general measure of value but nothing more. For example there may be 1,000 cards available of Skyrim Card A but 1,200 cards available for Skyrim Card B. Usually you’d expect Card A to be slightly more valuable (based on general economics, there’s less of it, and also this is the general trend I’ve seen) so if you see Card A selling for less than Card B then that’s usually a good bet to buy it because you could probably sell it for higher later. Note I keep using usually and generally, sometimes the value of the cards does not follow this trend 🙂

      Buying/selling Steam cards won’t make you a ton of money but it’s a diverting hobby. My last 2 games purchased on Steam were both paid for from my card “earnings” 🙂

      Good luck, if you have any tips or observations send me a message/comment, I’d be curious to hear about the experience of others!

  3. I’ve occasionally read the blog post here but would love to stay up-to-date by receiving a notification about new blog post via email. I would gladly sign up for a subscription form of smalltime.me

    1. Thanks for being a regular reader! You can subscribe via email by clocking the “Notify me of new posts by email.” box which is found at the very bottom of the comment box (it’s 2 lines below the “post comment” button). Sadly I do not update as often as I would like but I do try to get in a couple of posts every month.

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