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Using the BPI mPOS

Using the BPI mPOS

While getting a BPI mobile point of sale (mPOS) unit can be a bit challenging, using it is actually quite simple.

I heartily recommend it for any small business owner who’s looking for an easy way to accept credit card payments.

This quick run down shows the ease of use of the system.

  1. Connect to the internet (either through wifi or a mobile data plan). Insert the card reader into the earphone jack.


2. Launch the BPI mPOS app and input the amount to be charged.


3. Select card then select tap to swipe. Then swipe the card through the reader, like so.


4. The card details will be registered on the app and there will be an input field for the customer to sign. You also need to input the pin given by BPI (to make sure an authorized user is charging the card) and the email of the customer so they can receive a receipt of the transaction.


5. After all of that is filled in, tap next and a confirmation of the transaction will appear.

mpos1Using the BPI mPOS is straight forward and is an easy way to begin accepting credit card payments. It’s a great conversation starter too as customers are usually curious about the device.

In the US, the pioneer of the mPOS is Square. From what I’ve heard it’s a lot easier to receive an mPOS from Square, they give them out like candy.

Unfortunately though, Square is not available in the Philippines. Still, the BPI mPOS is a good alternative, it works well and I’m glad to have it as a payment option for Alcoves.


Applying for a BPI mPOS

Applying for a BPI mPOS

As a small business owner accepting credit card payments has always been on my “nice to have but hassle to get” list. A traditional swipe machine wouldn’t work for our setup since Alcoves has no front desk; we meet all of our guests at the respective units. Moreover a traditional credit card POS comes saddled with high fees which are hard to absorb for a small business.

The pioneer for enabling individuals or small business to accept credit card payments is Square, a company in the US that literally gives away free credit card readers which attach to mobile phones or tablets. You swipe the card through the reader and the customer signs on the device. It’s extremely convenient both for the merchant and the customer. Unfortunately Square is not available in the Philippines.

After some online digging I discovered that BPI offers a similar product, the BPI mPOS. So in the hope that BPI would be as easy to deal with as Square supposedly is, I inquired through their website. (A friend who works for Globe later told me they also offer a similar product but I haven’t researched on this.)

If you don’t care about the application process and are just curious to see the BPI mPOS in use, you can read about my experience with it.

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