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Yoga 3 Pro Battery Problem – Rapid Discharge

Yoga 3 Pro Battery Problem – Rapid Discharge

So my year and a half with the Yoga Pro 3 there have been some problems.

IMG_20151224_160759973_HDRThe latest concern to crop up is that the battery on my Yoga 3 Pro would suddenly discharge for no reason. A typical scenario would be I would shut it down with around 60% power still being reported. When I would come back to it 2 hours later, I wouldn’t be able to power it up anymore as the battery was reporting as completely drained.

When I would try to charge the laptop there were times when it wouldn’t charge, even though I kept it plugged in for more than an hour.

Finally I searched online and found a Lenovo forum which had some answers. Unfortunately Lenovo, based on the irate posters, has not done a good job of finding a solution and communicating some easy to do maintenance steps which may solve the problem.

Fortunately internet posters may complain but some are resourceful and two of them, MarinM and Vladtech, came up with solutions they shared. (All steps copied directly from the forum.)


Unplug AC adapter
Open OneKey Optimizer
Choose Save Power, from top row of icons
Choose Battery Conservation, from the row below the icons (Checking Power  Ultra Saving   Battery Conservation)
Click the Battery Sleep Mode slider to turn it on (blue)
Shut down computer
Insert AC adapter
Turn on computer (this automatically resets the battery sleep mode to off)


01. Uninstalled battery driver from Task Manager
02. Disconnected AC power
03. Unscrew 10 bolts of back cover and remove cover. As you know YOGA 3 PRO have not battery slot, that why u need anscrew back cover to reach battery
04. Carefuly disconnect battery jack. Very easy to find because only 2 black wires going from battery.
05. Connect battery jack back
06. Plug in AC power
07. Check that battery start charging. This is up to you, but I just start the Laptop with open back cover, good thing that screen can flip.
08. Confirmed that battery charging, OKO gives 3.5 hours from 0%
09. After 2 hours, battery has reach 95%
10. Switch off AC power, disconnect power cord and close back cover. Feeling satisfaction. With myself of course not with LENOVO support.

I tried MarinM’s solution and it worked brilliantly for me. My Yoga 3 Pro is now running normally again. (Although oddly now every time I turn it on it reports more power than when I last powered it off. So if I turn it off with 70% power, the next time I turn it back on it reports 74% power.)

Closeup on the ballyhooed watch hinges which are sturdy and allow you to bend the Yoga 3 Pro any which way.

For good measure after I trued MarinM’s solution I also ran the battery calibrate feature of the One Key Optimization software. The calibration took a long time (over an hour) and then finally just reported that it failed and to try again. So honestly I’m not sure if the calibration helped in any way.

The Yoga 3 Pro is certainly a finicky beast. Still, I’ve found it very useful and don’t regret including it in the list of my favorite things of 2015.

Things I’m Thankful For, 2015

Things I’m Thankful For, 2015

Christmas is of course a time of gift giving and the accompanying parental admonition that the value of a gift is in the thought rather than its monetary value.

Certainly one shouldn’t be fixated on how expensive something is. But we shouldn’t discount how quality items do tend to be a bit pricey.

There’s a pleasure in receiving and using nice things, objects which you value for their cost as well as their utility. Something need not be expensive for you to love it, but just because its expensive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love it either.

With that, here are the things I’m thankful for this 2015. (As this is the first year I’m doing this list I’ve had to cheat, some of this stuff I got in 2014 but wanted to write about them anyway.)

None of these were given to me, I bought them for myself. So these are gifts from me to me.

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How to: Use Moto Maker in the Philippines

How to: Use Moto Maker in the Philippines

All modern phones look pretty much the same – boring. A flat slab of glass that’s certainly functional but no longer visually exciting.

Motorola, for a while now, has been trying to bring phone customization to the mass market by allowing anyone to design the look of their phones via Moto Maker.

The customization is purely cosmetic and mostly revolves around color choice for the front, back and trim. Still, it’s better than nothing so I’ve been itching to design using Moto Maker. The problem is I’m in the Philippines and phones designed via Moto Maker only ship to the US and a bunch of other countries.

With a bit of shipping ingenuity though and a US credit card you can order through Moto Maker and have the phone ultimately arrive in the Philippines.

How to design your phone with Moto Maker and have it delivered to the Philippines; after the jump.

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Ticking Sound from Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

Ticking Sound from Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

I’m really digging my Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. (I even included it in the list of my favorite things of 2015.) It has made it easier to be more productive while I’m out of the office as well as given me a compelling reason to consume media (internet surfing, watching videos) away from my desktop.

That said, it’s not without its problems. I’ve written before how the Yoga Pro 3’s network adapter just disappears on me.

A new problem cropped up recently: I kept hearing a consistent ticking sound coming from it. It didn’t sound like a clock ticking, more like a soft, wayward spinning rotor.

After browsing through some forums I discovered that some folks have pinned the sound on a stuck fan inside the laptop.

Solution: Tap firmly on the upper right hand portion of the laptop area (the rubber portion above the backspace and delete buttons). I had to do this several times before the sound disappeared. The suspicion of a stuck fan seems to be right on the money.

After I tapped the appropriate area to unjam the fan, the sound hasn’t repeated itself.

For now I’m crossing my fingers that nothing else will go wrong with this laptop that, in spite of all its idiosyncrasies, I am now quite fond of.

Tap the upper right hand portion, above the delete and backspace keys. Tap hard.
Tap the upper right hand portion, above the delete and backspace keys. Tap hard.
Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Network Adapter Disappears

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Network Adapter Disappears

Short story: The network adapter on my Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro randomly disappears. It doesn’t even show up in the device manager. Based on what I’ve researched on the net and my own experience it’s not a driver or software issue. My work around which works (so far) is to always turn off your Wifi before you shut down. When you start back up the network adapter seems intact, you just need to turn the Wifi back on.

Turn off the Wifi before shutting down.
Turn off the Wifi before shutting down.

It’s a pain but it’s less of a hassle than the network adapter disappearing and you not knowing when it will just reappear again.

Long story: I got a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro last February. So far I really like it. (I even included it in the list of my favorite things of 2015.) The form factor allows you to comfortably surf while you’re lounging in bed or in a chair and its light weight allows you to bring it around without feeling unduly encumbered. The screen is fantastic and displays 720p or 1080p videos without any problems. Battery life could be better but I’m never really that far from a plug so that’s not an issue for me.

As I bum around the apartments a lot waiting for guests, the Yoga 3 Pro allows me to be productive (checking email, spreadsheets, etc.) and entertained (watching episodes, surfing) in equal measure.

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